NSF-PST website provides information about converting NSF to PST files.

Are you searching for information on your various migration, conversion or export options? Hopefully we can cover what you need. If you already know about NSF and PST files then you can skip over to our solutions page, if not, please take a few minutes for a brief overview. We hope to clarify what it is you are dealing with while also helping you better understand some terminology. Hopefully that will aid you in your research.

What are NSF and PST files?

NSF files are Lotus Notes databases. The are read by a Lotus Notes client or server sometimes called a Domino server. They can contain various types of information most commonly mail.
PST files are Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders files. These are files normally stored locally and contain Outlook mailbox messages and associated information.

How to convert NSF to PST files?

You may be looking to convert one or many NSF to PST mail files or you may want to convert other types of NSF files. Examples of other NSF files are personal address book, journal, discussion databases and there are many more. The way you export your data will depend on the type of NSF files you have.

Please take a look around this site and we will talk about the different conversion options available. Please follow the 'Next Page' link below and we will go into further detail.




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