What NSF files do you have?

Before you can consider your options you need to understand what NSF files you have. Depending on what you have there may be a whole lot more to consider but we will get to that later. Firstly lets work out what you have.

Do you have an idea of what your NSF files are?

If no then you need to find out. Please see 'what is my NSF file' for details.

If you know what they are, are they:

  • Mailboxes (Mail Only)
  • Mailboxes with Calendar
  • Mailboxes with Calendar and Tasks
  • Mailboxes with Calendar and Tasks plus Contacts (iNotes style)
  • Mail Archives
  • Personal Address Books
  • Public Address Books
  • Other types of NSF file

If your NSF files are mail with any combination of calendar, tasks or contacts then you generally will have many solutions available but the best depends on your situation. Before we discuss the various options lets clarify what you have.

Lotus Notes Mailbox (a type of NSF file)

A Lotus Notes mailbox may contain the following types of information:

  • Mail - Mail Messages
  • Tasks - Tasks which are "To Do" items
  • Calendar Items

A Lotus Notes mailbox may occasionally contain the following:

  • Contacts (usually stored in a separate Personal Address Book database file called names.nsf but can also be in the mail file in some cases)

Personal Address Book

Usually Lotus Notes Contacts are stored in a separate NSF file called a Personal Address Book (often called names.nsf). Sometimes however contacts can be stored in a Lotus Notes mailboxes (when iNotes is used etc). The personal address book is usually stored locally. Locally means it in on the PC or one of the PC drives rather than the Lotus Notes Server. Usually it is installed in the Lotus Notes data directory which is defined at the time of installing Lotus Notes. There is an application directory (where the executables are) and a data directory. The data directory contain the users personal Lotus Notes data.

Personal address books may contain contacts and groups. There is other information in there but not relevant to export in most cases as it contains notes settings and Lotus Notes certificate information.

Mail Archive

Mail archives are just mailboxes that are used to archive mail to. They are usually stored locally on the PC or a PC accessible drive.